Free tickets for a holiday. Who would say no?! I wouldn’t, of course hahaha. OMG, I was so happy back then. It was a long time ago when I had no idea of what kind of traveler I wanted to be. I was just a follower. A traveler who loved comfort (which costs money more for sure). So, I just followed the trip to Phnom Penh in Cambodia without any real expectations. (J)

My knowledge about Phnom Penh was very limited. I hoped to find out more there and witness the history itself in person. I read about Tuol Sleng Museum, the Killing Field, and the Russian Market (Tuol Tom Poung Market). But I was really curious about the Russian Market in Phnom Penh? Why?! *-)

As the plane landing at Pochentong Airport (now Phnom Penh International Airport), the light rain dropped. Aww…don’t give me rain now God please, I pledged. After finished with the immigration control and got my bag, I jumped on a taxi and drove to my hotel.

My hotel was located to Mekong River which was huge! After the check in done, it was evening time so I decided to take a stroll along the Mekong River. I loved the after-rain-vibe. I still do. It brought the freshness and new hope. Like the rain was to wash away all the problems 🙂

Night fell and I was hungry. I told myself that I should try the local food. Why not? Who knows that I might love it? I was about to find out.I entered a Khmer restaurant that was quite busy that night.

i don’t really remember the taste of the food in that Khmer restaurant but I remember that it wasn’t my favorite food. I don’t like fish. 😥 I called it a night rather early. Tired from the flight earlier that day, I decided to go to bed early. Better save energy for tomorrow 🙂

After having had the breakfast the next day, I went visiting the Royal Palace. The was kinda sunny, good boy! I promised myself to make the most of that day. Who knows the rain might come back again, right? I didn’t wanna miss a thing!


Throne Hall

Throne Hall

The Royal Palace was regal. There were some other buildings there. The architecture was Khmer with the European touch.

Moonlight Pavilion

Moonlight Pavilion

Pochani Paviliun

Pochani Paviliun

Surprisingly, there was also a building named Napoleon III Pavilion. So much French taste there. Maybe it was because France colonized Cambodia in the past. Maybe…

Bangunan sumbangan si Napoleon III

Bangunan sumbangan si Napoleon III

Having had enough tour at the Royal Palace, I was starving. It wasn’t a small palace, eh. I really needed food, oh my God! So without wasting anymore time, I was looking for a cafe. This time, I wanted to eat the western food. I just wanted to be safe that I didn’t wanna order the food that I didn’t like. Ok fixed!

The rain started to fall again. Oh no! I gotta go to Tuol Sleng museum. Since there was nothing I could do, I just watched the falling rain. I love rain, actually. So why couldn’t I just make the most of it?

I finally decided to go through the light rain as time passed by. Tuol Sleng museum was originally a  school that was turned into a prison by Pol  Pot in 1975. People called it S-21. the vibe was unpleasant. Sad and gloomy. There was even a man with a face full of scars, the victim of Pol Pot regime. Poor guy. 😦

Pagar kawat berduri yang mengelilingi Tuol Sleng Museum

Barbwire that surrounding Tuol Sleng Museum

Salah satu ruang penyiksaaan itu...

One of the classrooms that was turned into the torturing room

I didn’t wanna stay for longer there. I have had enough of sadness so I decided to continue my tour to Cheoung Ek Genocidal Center. I expected to have a better vibe but it was the same actually. A better thing here was that I could breath better as it was an open area.


Monument at the Killing Field

There was a monument where the skulls of the killing victims placed in tall racks. There was also a glass box filled with the clothes of the deceases. I took a little pray for them. May they rest in peace. 🙂

The rain has stopped. I returned to Phnom Penh and apparently that I still had more time to visit a nearby place downtown before the night fell. Too bad the rain was coming back again. *sigh


National Museum of Cambodia

You know what, it didn’t stop me to go to National Museum of Cambodia. It was a cool building actually with a maroonish color. The collection was the art of Khmer. I liked it there. It gave turned my mood to a better one.

I took a deep breath and walked away from the museum. Where to now?, I asked myself. I just followed where my feet took me to and I ended up at the Freedom Monument of Cambodia. Omg, I didnt know why but out of the blue I felt just so happy. Maybe because the name of the monument, Freedom Monument. Happy. ^_^


Freedom Monument of Cambodia




















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