Bangkok This Time, Between Barcelona and Indonesia

11999049_10154224372208206_3066391882126773299_nOmg! Really? Am I really going back to Bangkok again? Holy shit! Unbelievable! Those were all of the thoughts I had when I was planning my trip to Bangkok (again).
Bangkok has always been my easy gateway for short holiday apart from Kuala Lumpur. It is easy to travel, I have some friends to meet, and of course, it is cheap. It is so affordable for me as a backpacker this time hahaha.
So, as it always been meaningful trips to Bangkok, this time it will always be unforgetable. Yes, it will. How come it won’t be, as I was waiting for the bus around Khaosan road to go back to Siam area (I stayed here this time), a bomb blasted at Erawan Temple and killed some people. I had no idea when I was watching the ambulances and police cars and trucks were running fastly with their sirens roaring along the way. I poorly thought that the King of Thailand was in a critical health condition. But why so many ambulances? Is 1 ambulance not enough? And why the police cars and trucks? I really had no idea that momeny until an hour later.


We were all finally gathered and safe. Cheers, everybody! šŸ™‚

I finally took a tuk tuk going straight away to my friends’ hotel. As I arrived, they hadn’t checked in yet and I started to worry about them. Thank God we were all safe during that chaotic moment in Bangkok.

The next day, we took a city tour that had been booked by my Catalan friends. I wasn’t so sure hot it was like but then we found out that it was walking city tour! Hahahaha. Oh my God! šŸ˜€

It was a tiring day but it was a fun day. I found out more of Bangkok that I haven’t been to before. And it was so healthy to walk and burn carbs/fat/calories *_*
Alright travelers, let my pics in Bangkok tell you more. Have a good day! šŸ˜‰


A happy picture of me and my friends. Don’t bother the 35Ā°C temp of the floor. It could have been hotter! šŸ˜‘


My first Patpong visit after so many trips to Bangkok. I didn’t bother to watch the show tho šŸ˜‚


Hot but happy!


Love to see the green green grass with the pigeons hanging out on it šŸ˜„


The Palace of The King. So majesty under the bright blue sky.


A walk across a river. Loved it.


I always adore the color of this building. If I’m not mistaken, this is the Ministry of Defense Building. A cheerful color for a building with cannons as decoration hehehe


Another colorful building in Bangkok. Look at the sky!






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