When my friend Sari told me that we were going to go to Garbatella, I honestly had no idea where it was nor what it was. Later she told me that Garbatella was an area in Rome which is like a traditional village. Ouwww…ok then. She got my full attention then hahaha

According to Blocal Travel Blog, Garbatella is a poetic neighborhood, a maze of courtyards, each one with its own gardens, squares, stairs, balconies and fountains. Ahhaaaa…exactly a place to my passion. OMG! (*_*)


We had to ask people several times the direction to Garbatella. As we stopped at the last train station, Ostiense, there where our adventure begun. We came out of the train station and saw a flea market near the gate. Wow…I was very tempted. All these vintage items, accessories, clothes, I was blown away. But as I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe, chin up and firm up, I walked through all the calling-me-vintage-items without bothered giving a glance! Yayy…my sassiness worked once again 😀


Not so far walking, we arrived at a traffic light and I saw a mini pyramid look alike. It was under restoration at that time and it was covered with a big fabric. I asked my friend the name of this pyramid but all she could inform me was, “name is pyramid!”. Alright my friend, seemed like I had to find out on google myself hehehe. Oh, after googling, I found it’s complete name, Piramide di Cestio. What a sexy name!



We pursued our journey entering the neighborhood. Since it was summer time, the flowers were blooming, the sky was azure clear, it was quite. everything was beautiful. What a life. This is the moment where I usually being the most grateful in my life.




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Garbatella is a neighborhood that deserves to be explored by feet without a particular goal. Up and down the stairs, watching the blooming flowers, arrived at the end of a street realizing I was standing up in front of a beautiful house with a unique architecture. I was truly blessed. (^_^)



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