Hello, it’s me again. Hahaha…I am just right in the mood to write right now as it is raining outside and many crazy ideas are coming to me during the rain and rainy season. I am just a that romantic person. What can I do? *blink

I visited Turkey on summer 2013. Turkey was my last country to visit on that trip. I decided to visit Ephesus was because I was told about the history of this city by my mum when I was a kid. She was a history teacher and I have been very grateful for that. She has made me interested in history and geography which led me to love traveling (^_^)

From Athena I flew to Izmir and had a couch surfer to host me. Unfortunately at the last minute he informed me that he had to go to Istanbul for family issue. Ok fine! The show must go on, right 😉

From the airport I took the bus to city center, Konak. There was a familiar feeling like everytime I arrived in a new place. It warmed my stomach a little bit tho hahaha

As I asked the hotel receptionist about how to get to Ephesus, he told me that I should go to the travel agent and buy the bus tickets from them. Alright then, so I took a stroll to find the travel agent which was among some more travel agents. They said that I had to be at their office by 9am the next morning.

The next morning, I arrived at the travel agent’s office just on time and from there me and some other tourists were transported to the bus terminal to take the bus to Ephesus. It took about 1 hour to arrived in there.

Arriving at the site, I really had no clue where to go cos every body seemed so busy and in a hurry  so I decided to follow the 2 guys to find the ticket station. I just assumed so and it turned out that I was right. Yaayyyy!

After I got the ticket, I felt the urge to go to the toilet and luckily there was one near the entrance. And I really recommend you guys to do your business here as it will be a long and tiring tour and you might not find the toilet around you.

Alright, pursuing the path, little by little of the ancient city parts started to revealed. And as usual, I was frozen for awhile to realize how majesty this city was. I was shivering.

There was also a Roman show about the emperor life as well as gladiator show. Hmmm…interesting! So, that’s how the life was back then during the Roman Emperor hehehe


Don’t wanna waste my time too long there, I continued my tour to the Amphitheater. I went up and watched the surrounding so quite and hot. And here, right at the Amphitheater, approached me and asked to take their photos. We started to chat and I was rather happy to have tour mates. They were from Azerbaijan ( I thought they were Indian or Pakistani hehe). They were Zulu and Chingiz.


It’s Temple of Artemis time! OMG, so crowded there. I was a little bit annoyed by the so many tourists but then again, who am I to feel so hehehe. Good thing was that Zulu and Chingiz were very patient with me. They enjoyed everything there and God Bless them, they knew the history. Way to go, dudes!

In the end of our tour, they asked me to join them to Pamucak Beach. What?! What beach is that, never heard of it. They laughed at me and said don’t worry. Of course I was worried cos I didn’t know there was a beach near Ephesus. And the worst was I didn’t bring my bikini with me. They ensured me that they would get me a pair of bikini. Hmmm…of course there was no bikini shop there hahaha. Finally, I decided to do topless as I saw some woman tourists did that *oh duh!

What a surprise to end up my day in Pamucak Beach with 2 Azeri dudes I just met. Because no lost, no learn :*

#efes #ephesus #turkey #turkiye #selcuk #traveling #nolostnolearn


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