I am now trying to call back the memory where did I hear about this waterfall from. Ahh, I see. Now I do remember where I first read about it from. When I was living in Bali (Bali is in Indonesia, not that Indonesia is in Bali), I read a lot about the less known places visited in Bali. I was surprised myself that actually there are so many hidden-gem-places in Bali that worth to visit for.

With a little bit of adventure-like spirit, my boyfriend and I were determined that morning to find this waterfall. From what I read on internet, it isn’t very far from the main tourist spot Tanah Lot Temple. So we drove toward the north of Bali from our place in Jimbaran.

As we pursued until the entrance to Tanah Lot Temple, we couldn’t find any sign of this waterfall. Ok, then we should ask the local people. Surprisingly, some of them that we’ve asked didn’t even know about this waterfall! WTF?!!

Annoyed by this fact as well as tired after a long drive, then we decided to go through the exit street (contrast flow) and saw a turn to a temple. We kept on going and it ended up at the Tanah Lot Temple parking lot hahaha. So we turned back, on our left side we saw an office (I don’t remember what kind) and some youth were hanging around there. Hmmm…

In fact, we ended up in another side of Tanah Lot and it was beautiful, too. Not bad, I thought. At least we found a new splendid view. Yet, I was still curious about the waterfall. Can’t beat it. :h

I bothered to ask a young man next to us about the waterfall. God just loved our effort! That young man pointed to the right side of the beach and we saw a hill, no waterfall. In fact, the waterfall is behind that hill. OMG, relieved πŸ˜€


Emergency picnic with the menu of Padang food :))

We had to go down and across the small shallow river to reach that hill and we saw black rocks…and the waterfall!!! Yayyy, we found it. And guess, there was no one there hahaha (later on came a fisherman tho).


We really loved our time alone there and of course, taking picture. It was a great time and enjoyable. Oh, the waterfall is seasonal. It disappears during the dry season. And also, the sunset is one of theΒ most magnificent ones in Bali.


The waterfall disappears during the dry season 😦



This is it! The magical sunset (sorry for not so good photo)

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  1. Thanks Riffa for the feature! What a wonderful travelogue! πŸ™‚

    And yup! The waterfall is a little difficult to find, do you have the exact coordinates of the waterfall? πŸ™‚

    MehTheSheep Bali

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Janice, it was worthed to find for tho hahaha. Thanks to you and the team. Meh The Sheep Bali has always been my refence for more of Bali. Too bad I don’t know the exact coordinates for this waterfall 😦


      • Good day RIffa thank you for your above post , please can you try explain to me more accuratley were exactly this waterfall is cause according to google maps melasti beach and tanah lot temple are 40km apart, i am going to bali next month with my girlfriend and i want to ask a very important question πŸ˜‰ at this waterfall, and this waterfall at sunset i fell will be a perfect place to pop the question, please reply .

        thank you for your help


      • Hi Justin, the waterfall is very easy to find actually. From the parking lot of Tanah Lot Temple, you will pass by a diff route as you coming in. Follow the one way street to the main road, there will be a left turn to the temple. Take that turn and follow the road until you find an empty land where people park their cars and motor bikes. The waterfall is hidden. Once you see a shallow river mouth on your right hand, go across it. Keep going on the coast line and in a minute you will see the waterfall. Good luck with waterfall hunting! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜‰


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  4. Hi Riffa, thanks for this great post! My fiance and I are going to be eloping in Bali next May — just us and 4 other people. We want to have the ceremony somewhere secluded outdoor by a waterfall or on a beach. Do you think this beach waterfall would be a good location for a ceremony?? Or do you have any favorite spots you’d recommend?

    Thanks so much for any suggestions!


    • Hello Tanya!
      This beach is small but if it is only for a few people, yes you can do a ceremony here. Bear in mind, that the waterfall is seasonal (wet season only). Also, you need to check when is the high and low tide because the beach disappears during the high tide.
      I would also recommend you Nyang Nyang / Nunggalan Beach. It is located in Pecatu area, South of Bali. The beach is long and wide. You just need to be prepared for going up and down the hill. Around 500 staircases, one way. πŸ˜‰


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