It was my second time visiting Nusa Lembongan with a different intention and plus another person. Yup, it was my boyfriend coming with me this time. We always wanted to go there all this time but always, there was something happened that stopped us.

My sister-like in Nusa Lembongan, Mbak Komang, which I met last year on my first visit, welcoming us with her warm heart. Not to mention, her brother Om Sugi and his wife. If at my first time coming here I stayed with Komang, this time we stayed in a homestay close to her place.

Actually, we finally came to Nusa Lembongan because it was I-don’t-remember-how-many-times she had invited us to celebrate the full moon party in Lembongan. It was even more special because there would be a Hindu full moon ceremony. Omg, I couldn’t wait to have my first Hindu ceremony ever.

As the boat off to Nusa Lembongan from Sanur Beach, we couldn’t help but very excited for this trip. As most of the time, I prepared the itinerary (as I have been there once) to make the most of our trip. As we arrived at Mushroom Beach, first thing first was to find the motorbike/scooter to go to Jungut Batu Village. Mushroom Beach to Jungut Batu is around 15 minutes riding. Komang had been waiting for us and so excited when she finally met us hahaha. So happy to see her again.

As we dropped our backpacks in our room, she said to take our time and rest because her family will go to the ceremony in the temple in the late afternoon. So yeah…we decided to catch up on some more sleep hahaha

In the afternoon, we were getting ready for the ceremony and came to her place. In fact, she had prepared the dresses for me and my boyfriend for the ceremony. Oh my God, we were very excited cos finally we will dress in Balinese traditional dress properly. How lucky we were.

At the temple, while we were waiting for our turn to pray, I looked around and saw another foreigners in Balinese dress. So my boyfriend wasn’t the only white guy to pray then. Interesting! As our turn came, we took a seat on the sand (yes, on the sand as the temple was on the beach) and getting ready for the ceremony. As we are not Hindu, we just followed the gesture of the worshippers. It was quite a spiritual experience for me. I was grateful.

The moon was so big and red. Actually it was the supermoon that happens once every several months. Then it was the time for the fullmoon party at Jibaku Café. There was a DJ coming from Sanur to heat up the night with his music. And that place was full of foreigners. Apparently, not so much night life in the island for the tourists. No wonder why that place was so happening.

The next day, it was the adventure day. We jumped on our motorbike and off to Ceningan Island. Ceningan Island is an island that is separated by a small strait from Lembongan that a suspension bridge could connect them. And the yellow suspension bridge is so epic! We didn’t want to drive by the bridge. We wanted to stop on the bridge and enjoy the God’s creation from there. But of course that was impossible. The bridge was so narrow that only 1 motorbike/scooter could pass by. But I still managed to take some pictures tho ^_^


Having had some places in my mind to visit in Ceningan Island, we decided to go to Blue Point first. It was a landscape with a cliff that people used to jump off from and fell down into the ocean. But it is strictly forbidden now as there were deadly accidents. Still, the view was undeniably stunning. It was quite here and we could have some us-time without interruption here. 😉


We then pursued our tour to a café hahaha. I wasn’t hungry but my boyfriend was starving. We stopped in a café with the view of the ocean. Actually, it was a surfing spot which I never knew of. I felt good to know about it. I think, everywhere I turned my head to, it was all beautiful. OMG.



Ceningan and Lembongan islands are very well known for their seaweed plantations and the view of these plantations was just mystical. With the canoes of the fishermen above them, just made them more mystical and irresistible. We stopped here to watch the view as well as the farmers doing their jobs. The peaceful feeling growing in my stomach and heart. ^_^

Oh, we also stopped at the underground house built by a guy for his meditation nest. It took him 15 years to dig. Alone. By himself. On his own.




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