The majesty of Nungnung Waterfall

This time I was really reckless and dared myself to go to Nungnung waterfall alone by motorbike. I read a lot about it since 2 years ago and I even have lived in Bali but I still didn’t get to go there? Something didn’t add up.
It took me only to read the article (once again) on about Nungnung Waterfall to give myself more courage to take this trip. I left Seminyak solo on motorbike then headed to Tabanan area which I believed I knew the way. But then I started to doubt myself as I entered the unfamiliar area hahaha.
I decided to use google map to help me and according to it, I have passed the turn to the shortest journey but  it suggested me to go ahead with few minutes slower. I was so confident to reach the waterfall soon.
Halfway there, I was directed to turn to the rural area…then woods! I still tried to believe in google map and went on. The road got narrower and there it was, a broken road, too damaged and dangerous to pass by on motorbike. I pushed the motorbike to pass it by 😥
I was thinking, dammit! Really? What have I done to deserve this route? I was alone in the middle of nowhere and nobody in my sight? What if…..what if…..
No time for whining. It was drizzling and apparently it was raining before I arrived. I was so grateful for that that after all the difficulties, at least I wasn’t under the pouring rain.

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