The Blue Point

I have written about Nusa Lembongan before on my blog. As Nusa Ceningan is just a suspension bridge away from Nusa Lembongan, it wouldn’t be a perfect trip if we didn’t go to Nusa Ceningan, too.

The next day after the Silent Day on the Sea, it was the adventure day for my boyfriend and I. We jumped on our motorbike and off to Ceningan Island. Ceningan Island is an island that is separated by a small strait from Lembongan that a suspension bridge could connect them. And the yellow suspension bridge is so epic! We didn’t want to drive by the bridge. We wanted to stop on the bridge and enjoy the God’s creation from there. But of course that was impossible. The bridge was so narrow that only 1 motorbike/scooter could pass by. But I still managed to take some pictures tho ^_^


The yellow suspension bridge that connects Nusa Lembongan with Nusa Ceningan


The view from the suspension bridge

Having had some places in my mind to visit in Ceningan Island, we decided to go to Blue Point first. It was a landscape with a cliff that people used to jump off from and fell down into the ocean. But it is strictly forbidden now as there were deadly accidents. Still, the view was undeniably stunning. It was quite here and we could have some us-time without interruption here. 😉


The Blue Point is also known as Zipland


The tip of the rock where tourists used to jump off of


IMG_0241IMG_0355We then pursued our tour to a café hahaha. I wasn’t hungry but my boyfriend was starving. We stopped in a café with the view of the ocean. Actually, it was a surfing spot which I never knew of. I felt good to know about it. I think, everywhere I turned my head to, it was all beautiful. OMG.


The view near the surfing spot

Ceningan and Lembongan islands are very well known for their seaweed plantations and the view of these plantations was just mystical. With the canoes of the fishermen above them, just made them more mystical and irresistible. We stopped here to watch the view as well as the farmers doing their jobs. The peaceful feeling growing in my stomach and heart. ^_^


A seaweed farmer


We needed to continue our trip anyway and our next destination is the Secret Beach. We took the wrong turn as there was no sign of the Secret Beach. After asking a local people on our way, finally we found that beach. Actually, secret beach is located in Villa Trevally Echo Resort. We had to go in La Baia Restaurant first to reach the Secret Beach. Ahh…ok!


We sat for awhile on the beach enjoying the view and the waves. It is a small beach and very quite. You will think that you own the beach but you don’t! *reality bites

My boyfriend tried to dip his body in the sea but the waves were just too big and the water was so cold hahaha. I decided to take pictures and posing, of course 😉


Jumping failure *sigh


I love the wave!

We had a very good time in Nusa Ceningan. I didn’t wanna go back but, what could I say. We left Nusa Ceningan with warming hearts. I am sure that we will come back here again, sooner or later :*


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