I have heard and read a lot about Vihara Dharma Giri with its famous and huge Reclining Buddha Statue. When the weather is bright and the sky is blue, it will look even better on photo hahaha.

Therefore, no wonder if I wanted to visit and see it in person.I have seen the one in Wat Pho in Bangkok, Thailand. This time, I wanted to see the one in Bali. My boyfriend was so kind to accompany me going there where he was usually preferred to work or surfing himself. Yes! Perfect then.

We had no idea how to go there yet we knew the address from the internet.So, we relied on google maps then. Why not?!

All I knew was that the vihara/temple was located in Tabanan. Off we go! After several times of confusing about where to turn, we finally arrived in Tabanan city. We lost track of where the vihara’s location and we decided to ask the locals. According to google map, we were so close already but the locals only knew the vihara but not the reclining Buddha.



The facade of Vihara Dharma Cattra

Alright, we have come this far anyway and there was no turning back before we checked. We entered the vihara and was surprised. Mixed with confuse hahaha. The vihara was small and as we asked the guard, definitely there was no reclining Buddha there. It was in another vihara which was 1 more hour away. OMG.



Ok. Fine. It was afternoon already and we were tired to continue our trip. All we wanted to do was enjoying the vihara, resting a little bit, seize the day, and go home. And we still had fun there. A lot of fun! 😉


Another side of the vihara/temple




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