Praying before the Ogoh ogoh Parade 

Nyepi Day (Silent Day) is a day of silence, fasting and meditation for the Balinese.It wasn’t this year I experienced Nyepi Day in Bali. It was last year, 21 March 2015. I was staying at my friend’s villa in Pejeng Kangin Village, 30 minutes away from Ubud. As it was my first time would be spending Nyepi in Bali so very excited I was hahaha.

In the afternoon, My friend and I went to Gianyar City to do grocery as the preparation for Nyepi Day. Along the way to Gianyar, I saw people were getting ready for the festive. Ogoh ogoh were being prepared for the parade at night. I was like, OMG! Really?!! Seriously?!! 😀


The Ogoh ogoh creatures were somewhat creepy to me but of course I respected the Hindu itself. I better enjoy it, I told myself so. We did the grocery as quick as we could as the streets were getting quite and ogoh ogoh and people would be on the streets soon. We didn’t wanna trap among them.


We decided to watch the Ogoh ogoh parade at Banjar Peliatan, near the center of Ubud. We took motorbike instead of the car to make our movement easier. As the street was closed, we had to park our motorbike at the designated area. Ok fine, a little walk wouldn’t kill tho.


The parade took place on a street that was closed for the celebration. As it was getting dark, we took our stand to watch the show. There was a guy playing with fire, a traditional play of Buta Kala, and then the Ogoh ogoh parade.


The atmosphere was joyful and we were kinda tired. We still had a long way to reach home as we had to move very slowly and sometimes stop to let the Ogoh ogoh passed by. There was a little accident that night. Our motorbike tires were both flattened. Thank God we found  a workshop that helped us repairing the tires. His son said that it was normal to happened as there were many nails taken off of the Ogoh ogoh during the parade. OMG!

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