I never thought that Green Bowl Beach is just 15 mins away from where we lived yet we never got to go there until I hardly insisted to go there. My boyfriend is a surfer but Green Bowl beach has never been his favorite 😀

Finally, one Saturday afternoon, we jumped on our motorbike and heading there. In general, the road was pretty much the same going to Pandawa Beach. At the end of the road, instead of turning left to Pandawa Beach, we kept going straight following the direction of signboard.

We saw a temple, meaning we were almost there. The parking lot was right next to it and kind of full. I was so surprised that I thought Green Bowl was still a secluded beach.But the show must go on. We didn’t have time to argue and followed the path at the backside of the temple and that’s the stairway was.



From the stairway we saw some fishermen were fishing and surfers were surfing hahaha. When surfers and fishermen collide in Green Bowl Beach. The contour of the beach is similar to Gunung Payung Beach, as well as the way down. I knew that it would give me legs ache. I knew it!



We went down and took the left  way, following our guts. There was a monkey party going on at that time actually. We didn’t expect that and watching the monkeys hanging out by the beach instead.Glad that we shared the beach not only with human but also the monkeys ^_^


A friend told me that there was a cave somewhere around the beach but we couldn’t find it. Maybe it was in another direction. The beach is smaller here compared to another side and there were natural pools formed by the rocks. However, I wasn’t in the mood to dip in.



It was one fun day at Green Bowl Beach and yeah so enjoyable. Next time I come back here, I will surely dip in the natural pools 😉







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