Nusa Penida, the biggest islands of three (the others are Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan), is 30 minutes away from Sanur Beach. The reasons why I wanted to come here was because of my damn curiosity of the beauty nature in Bali. As usual, I did my little research on internet before I traveled. This time I came with my gals. Yes, 4 brave-adventure-thirst  girls ^_^

From my so called research, I learned and assumed that Nusa Penida has more breathtaking nature such as Banah, Angel’s Billabong, Pasih Uwug, and more. And of course, not to mention the challenges.

Day 1, we took off to Nusa Penida from Sanur Beach around 11am. It was kinda late to start our day tho but hey, we didn’t come this far to walk away. As we arrived in Toyapakeh Village, we first looked for the motorbike to rent. We got them, IDR 80.000 daily plus gasoline. Ok fine, we didn’t have that many choices tho as the clock was ticking. We didn’t even bother to find a hotel either. It can come later, we thought.

So, following the itinerary that I have prepared (yes, I am always in charge for everything), we went to the west side of Nusa Penida. We wanted to see Banah! We were so happy and excited when we started the trip but after half an hour we didn’t see anything like Banah, we started to be desperate. Especially me, the rider of the half-good-condition motorbike, or less.The road access was far from good. It was just the limestone road, dusty, rocky, lond and winding. OMG, I was very close to give up. Until there, yeah there, we finally saw it. The Banah Rock!


I am Banah!

Our jaws were kinda dropped tho hahaha. We felt a great relief when we finally saw the Banah rock. Oh my God! How stunning it was. All the pain to get to the spot was paid off. Then, we were hungry 😦

No time for lunch, yet. We pursued to the next destination which was Tembeling Pool. It is a sacred nature water source which has two pools, 1 for gents and 1 for ladies. The pool for gents was found first and then further down was the pool for ladies.


Steep cliff to the holy water

What surprised me personally was actually the ladies pool is located right by the beach. The water was cool and crystal clear and it was sacred for Hindu people. Of course we didn’t wanna miss the chance to drink the holy water. Yes!


Ladies pool is the holy water pool. Yay! *_*


Posing by the beach is a must! 😉

Time for (late) lunch. In fact, it wasn’t easy to find a descent place to eat in the area. We finally had just dropped by the street in a hut where an old lady was selling instant noodle and fried. Ok fine! Whatever it took to keep the tummy happy.

It was late afternoon actually but we were driven to go to our last destination of the day. Given the geographical of Nusa Penida which was the top challenge of all, we kept going to Angel’s Billabong and Pasih Uwug. And yes, the sun was coming down when we arrived there.


Pasih Uwug looks more magical in reality. Pardon the not-so-good-photo due to minimum light 😉

Practically, we didn’t have that much time to enjoy the magic of both Angel’s Billabong and Pasih Uwug. So, we rushed! Pasih Uwug was the first we saw and we spending around 15 minutes there. It was sunset time already!


We didn’t want to give up, yet. Angel’s Billabong was 3 minutes away walking distance. We hurrily took the small path among the bush that led to it. And you know what, even with minimum light, it was still magnificent. I wish we could arrive here earlier. But, taking pictures was still a must! hahaha


Myself and the Angel’s Billabong

Time to find the place to stay over night. We went back to Toyapakeh tried to find a cheap hostel. And we got none! There was a big ceremony the following day that many Hindu people from Bali mainland visiting Nusa Penida. Great! Perfect day it was. I was kinda miserable that time as my wrist was somewhat sprained from bad hand brake and bad road.

I let the girls handle the place to stay and after being desperate for a while, the owner of the cafe we had dinner at, offered us a room to stay in her house. For FREE! Yes, it was for free hahahaha

The next day, we had no time to complain about how sore and strained our bodies were from the first day trip. We must keep going as we had to catch our boat back to Sanur at 3pm.


Somewhere along the way

Today’s destinations were Atuh Beach and Teletubbies Hill, if we still had time. Atuh Beach is located at the east side of the island. Going there was not as bad as the day before, but still bad hehehe. But as they said, no pain no gain, the pain was (again) paid off here. On the right side of the beach, the rocks formation reminded me to islands in Thailand.


The hill in between these 2 beaches was stunning itself. We sure took photos here too.


Itchiness isn’t guaranteed 😀

Meanwhile, I was challenged to go down the hill to see the rock formation that looked like Lady Gaga’s shoes. It took all my courage and energy to go down the hill to the beach as it was very long steep way down OMG.


The Shoes of Lady Gaga 😀

I thought that I have accomplished enough of all I wanted to see in Nusa Penida. My friends? They gave up already hahahaha. We were so glad that we finally made this trip. We will come back here. Next time, we better rent a car!



IMG_3907Bias Tugel is a beach located just next to Padang Bai port where people catch the boats and ships to the Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air in Lombok. Also, people take the ship from here to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida.

As usual, I read about the beach from my Bali bible, Trip Canvas. I was excited as I never heard about this beach before. All I knew about Padang Bai was a gateway to Lombok and the 3 Gilis. So yeah, the excitement was overloaded.

Together with my friend Catur, we left Denpasar early that day. Our destinations were to Bukit Belong and Tukad Unda in Klungkung and Bias Tugel Beach in Karang Asem. I was really curious as I never knew that Padang Bai has such beautiful beach. Look what I have missed!IMG_3862We got to Padang Bai right on mid day when the sun was at its most performance. Freaking hot! But who cares, I needed to do what I wanted to do hahaha. Actually, we were so lucky that the weather was really nice that day after the whole week had been all rainy days. Why would I not want the sun shine, eh? 😉

To find the beach was easy. Before the gate to the port area, there’s an intersection and we took the right turn. We kept going around 1 km and there was a sign of Bias Tugel Beach. The road access was already good even it was up and down the hill. The entrance fee was IDR 2.000 each. Going down the staircases, I could see the ocean and I was stunned already.

At the end of the stair, we turned left following the direction. and in a second, we were surrounded by the trees. Wowww…it was beautiful. We followed the path around 100 m and finally we reached the beach. Yayyy!!! *_*IMG_3756There were some people in the beach and I just couldn’t wait to jump into the water. I picked a spot under a tree’s shade and it was perfect. It was the right corner to take some pictures without having to move my ass out of the beach sarong 😀IMG_3813IMG_3890After resting a little while, I decided to test the water. OMG it was so perfectly warm and soothing at the same time. The water was crystal clear and turquoise that I couldn’t resist. The ships and boat from and to Padang Bai Port just didn’t give AF as they continued to pass by hahaha.IMG_3870IMG_3920IMG_3907IMG_3953