New Zealand Trip – Auckland

New Zealand, a country where God put all of his intention to. A land of God. He must have spent most of his time to create this country.




Happy Indonesians in Bangkok

It was never planned to celebrate 70th Indonesian Independence Day in Bangkok. It never crossed my mind either. But thanks to my friends from Barcelona, they were coming to Bangkok for summer holiday. I was going to meet them in Bangkok, so in Bangkok I would celebrate the Independence Day. I was nervous…11903965_10154166768638206_9004765235153453698_n

I woke up late! OMG…I was in a hurry to put on my red and white batik as the color of Indonesian flag. I was so determined to go to the embassy that I didn’t check teh address anymore. And yes, I was lost! Nooooooooooo 😥

After several times asking people the address of the embassy, it’s just right across the Pratunam Market! Wtf, I was so pissed as it was so close to my hotel but I had to go around to arrive there. Well done to myself. Phewww…


As I predicted, the ceremony was over as I arrived at the embassy. I was amazed by a Thai officer who spoke very fluent Indonesian language. I thought he was Indonesian hahaha. And he was wearing Batik, too. I was so excited as I felt like home. The officer allowed me to enter the embassy area and told me to go to the backyard where Indonesian people assembled after the ceremony.


Photo session after the ceremony

As I was taking picture in front of the embassy, there were more Indonesian coming. Yes! I wasn’t the only one who came late hahaha. Apparently, they used to live in Bangkok for a long time and were going to move to North America. And we took picture together, for sure. 11887898_10154166768428206_4066411309607134096_n

So, we went to the backyard together and they introduced me to the Indonesian Ambassador Mr. Lutfi Rauf. He was very nice and welcome. Especially after I told him that I studied in Hasanuddin University in Makassar, he said that, “I am from Soppeng!”. Wow! I felt so blessed to be there.


In front of the Indonesian Embassy

I stayed there chitchatting with the Indonesian people for about 2 hours. I really wanted to stay longer but I couldn’t resist of the temptation to go to Pratunam Market. After saying thank you for the good times and goodbye to everyone, I was leaving the Indonesian Embassy with a happy thought.


I am proud to be Indonesian!

Celebrating the Independence Day of my country not in my country has thought me a lot about being a nationalist. It is irreplaceable. No matter where I go, Indonesia will always be in my heart. A place that I will come back after every of my journey. A place that I call home. I love you, Indonesia!


Goodbye, Mr. Ambassador!